Recently I had run across the megazoomer SIMBL plugin, and found that it could make a fullscreen! Something just wasn't quite right about it though. The white text on the solid black background wanted to look as if I had booted in to single user mode, or started my computer with the verbose boot option on, but no font I could select seemed appropriate. So I began the hunt for the Mac OS X console font to use in in earnest. Eventually I found it, in the form of a C source file. All of the character bitmaps were described in an array in a file called "iso_font.c" in the XNU source. I went on an adventure to find appropriate software to make a font file, and eventually I found a rather dreadful tool called Font Forge, but it worked so I used it. I prepared my font in the BDF ASCII format with liberal application of TextWrangler's grep based find & replace, as well as a Python script to massage it a bit more. After lots of messing with Font Forge and some tweaking of the metadata, I could export a TrueType bitmap representation of the original Mac OS X console font, which I have provided here. The font is free to use, according to comments in the file as well as the original APSL license, so I am providing it here freely as well under the same terms. Enjoy!

Note: The bitmap is 16pt; other sizes are not recommended.

Update: Cory Klingsporn submitted an updated version that fixes issues with accented characters. Thanks Cory! Get the new version below.

Download Darwin ISO-Latin-1 Font (TrueType):