So, when I came home from WWDC this summer, excited about all the new technologies, I quickly got started on a Quick Look Plug-in for ILDA files. I was super excited I quickly got it working, but I couldn't tell a soul due to that NDA thingy. : ( But Leopard is out now, so I can reveal it. It isn't very stable now, mostly due to an out-of-date version of ILDAlib that it is using; but I've added it to the LaserLine source, so anybody with a free afternoon can debug it and add colors and things. The drawing code should be pretty much verbatim to that in ILDAInspector, but it needs error checking and stuff on loading the files. Further, the project should reference the shared code portion of the source tree, not it's own copy of ILDAlib.

ILDA Quick Look Plug-in