Electricity can be scary. As can be lasers. When working with high voltage and lasers always be sure to post appropriate warning signs. "But what if I don't have the appropriate warning signs," you plead. (Of course you are asking this, because of course you are commonly working with these, and other sorts of dangerous things...) The answer is simple. Make your own by following these simple steps:

  1. Find appropriate warning sign on Google Images
  2. Re-implement graphics in Adobe Illustrator
  3. Mask, X-acto, and paint; repeat for each color

I followed this procedure exactly and produced a great warning sign for the power supply mentioned in a previous post.

I recommend using a good german font, like one from the DIN Schriften family, and being careful with the masking. I covered the box in masking tape, printed my design, and taped the printed template. Next I used an X-acto knife to cut out areas of exposure for a given color. I repeated for each additional color, layering as I went.

Speaking of Power Supplies…

Every summer I spend way too much on eBay. Case in point:

Its a Power Designs TP 343B triple output power supply. Extremely well built on the outside, surprisingly modern on the inside, with ICs and such. I'm quite happy with my first real lab power supply. There will be at least one more post about summer eBay purchases within the next few weeks. I can make this guarantee because I have already made the purchase.