Today at work I failed to see the elusive white deer for the second day in a row. I saw four of the more common white-tailed brown deer—on the way to work and at lunch—but this is not quite what I was hoping for. On Monday I saw one white deer standing very close to the sidewalk on the way to my car, then a whole herd as I was driving out of the lab. I hope to get some good pictures of them, better pictures than this one I found on the internet:

White Dama Dama Deer
Photo Credit: Argonne National Laboratory

The naturally light colored deer that are native to Northern Africa, Europe, and parts of Asia have also been sighted (years ago) in my back yard. It seems like they come up near the buildings in the lab after dark in the winter. For this reason I think I have a better chance of seeing them for the short period of time I work over break than when I'm there all summer—but leave before the sun goes down. I've got until the 17th or so, thus I think I still have a chance to get some good photos.